ASTΞROIÐ Introduction


ASTΞROIÐ is a decentralized content management system (dCMS) powered by the Arweave blockchain where you truly own your data instead of the platforms hosting your content. It is also backed by a reward distribution protocol for content creators and project supporters to make the whole ecosystem sustainable.
In simple words, it basically is a decentralized blogging platform made sustainable by DeFi. The smart contract protocol also forms a media DAO, where contributors co-own the whole system and control what content should be valued and rewarded more.

Headless CMS on Arweave

ASTΞROIÐ is a headless CMS that is decoupled from frontend UIs. It aims to become building blocks of other platforms.
  • Offline-first in 2 ways - articles can be programmatically created and posted to blockchains without frontend dependencies or any centralized APIs / the default frontend app will be a PWA where you can manage your data without the internet.
  • Your data will be saved permanently on the Arweave blockchain (if you wish).
  • Your permanent data will be cryptographically authenticated and generate proven ownership with NFTs on Astar Network.
  • ASTΞROIÐ DeFi protocol will distribute rewards to your NFT content based on how it's valued in the ecosystem.
  • Contract events will be indexed and fed to frontend UIs to display articles.
  • You can also edit and manage articles on frontend UIs.
  • Developers can also create their own frontends using the headless SDK (in development).
  • There will be direct/indirect integrations with existing blogging platforms such as Mirror, Medium, and other web2 platforms. ASTΞROIÐ will let you take back your own data into your hands.
  • You will be able to back up your data privately on IPFS-based storage.

Reward Distribution Protocol on Astar Network

  • It will be deeply integrated with Astar Network Dapp Staking, which directly contributes to the growth of Astar Network (and vice versa).
  • We are democratizing the platform fees by letting creators set arbitrary payback rates.
  • $ROID Creator rewards will be distributed periodically, whose amounts will be determined by protocol voting.
  • It's based on gift economy of social tipping, but the protocol incentivizes more tipping for more rewards to contribute to your communities. Gift economy is a positive-sum game, so it's very powerful and sustainable when made into a blockchain protocol.
  • The $ROID emission into circulation will be auto-controlled by the total value of the treasury collaterals using a bezier curve, which assures the floor price of the $ROID token to make it theoretically unbreakable.
  • The posting fee is variable to make sure everything is sound, which works like blockchain transaction GAS.
  • The amount of creator reward will be determined by the emission control, that is, the higher the treasury value increases in a season, the more the creator economy in the next season will be.