Arweave Suite

The core part of the Asteroid dCMS is powered by the Arweave storage and SmartWeave (Arweave-based smart contracts).


WeaveAuth provides a way to authenticate EVM-based accounts with EIP-712 signatures in SmartWeave contracts. It enables SmartWeave to be used as an extension to EVM smart contracts.


WeaveDB is a NoSQL database using SmartWeave. The data is cached locally with IndexedDB and synced with WeaveAuth. In client apps, the app data is handled locally and offline by IndexedDB. Only the remotely shareable data will be written to WeaveDB.


WeaveOBJs are unified specifications of various objects such as articles, topics, images, audios, videos and etc. They are defined as JSON metadata for NFT and viewable in NFT markets. WeaveOBJs contain a EIP-712 signature with WeaveAuth from the data owner.


ARNFT is an extended version of ERC-721, which verifies the ownership of WeaveOBJ with two EIP-712 signatures created when creating the WeaveOBJ item and minting the NFT. In this way, data front running can be avoided. It securely ports Arweave data ownerships to other EVM blockchains and makes Arweave composable with multiple blockchains.