Listing Projects

Once your project is listed, it will continuously get reward allocations from the protocol treasury, and creators will be able to earn rewards for writing articles about your project. Thus, the ASTΞROIÐ protocol will autonomously help you build and grow your project communities.
The listing and reward distribution process is automated by smart contracts.

How to List Your Project

Project listings are permissioned at the moment. You will need to register and sign your project using the frontend UI, and the ASTΞROIÐ team will mint your project NFT using your signature to list the project on the smart contract protocol and the frontend Dapp.

Register Your Project Data

Go to the New Topic Registration Page, enter the required data, then Save.
You will be redirected to your new project (topic) page. Click the Settings button in the right-bottom corner to continue.

Sign Your Project ID

Sign the assigned project ID using Metamask. This will be used to verify your ownership of this project on-chain when minting a topic NFT. You will need to connect to Astar Network with the same wallet address you are currently logged in on ASTΞROIÐ.

Save Your Project Data to Arweave

Then save the project data permanently to Arweave.
We sponsor all Arweave transaction fees, so you don't need to have an Arweave account.

Sign Again to delegate NFT Mint

Finally, sign the project data including the Arweave tx hash in the same way you signed the project ID. With this signature, you can delegate your project NFT minting to the ASTΞROIÐ team. The NFT will be minted to your address, which means you will be the owner of the NFT.
That's it! Now let us know that you have completed all these steps, and your project will be on ASTΞROIÐ soon!