Tipping with $ASTR

1. Tip on articles

When you are on an article page, you can locate the Astar Tipping button on the side (or top if not in fullscreen mode) of the page.
Clicking the button will prompt you with the Metamask connection and pop up the Tipping dialog.
  • Choose an arbitrary amount to tip by clicking one of the circle buttons or directly input.
  • You can see the fee rate and the IVP you will get for your tip.
  • Choose if you want to tip anonymously, which won't show your username on ASTΞROIÐ
  • Then Tip by creating a transaction with Metamask. It might take at most 5 mins to be reflected on the article page.

2. List tips

You can see who tipped on the article in the Tips tab located at the bottom (or right if your screen is bigger) of the article page.