Writing Articles

Writing a new article

Click on your avatar, and the dropdown menu appears.
Two editors are built-in - a markdown editor and a rich text editor.

Permanently Storing on Arweave

1. On the article editing page, go to Post tab and Save draft or Publish to ASTΞROIÐ first.

This will give your article an Article ID.

2. Select Arweave from the where to post tabs and Sign Article ID.

This requires your EIP-712 signature using Metamask, which will be used to bind Arweave and Astar NFT to cryptographically prove your ownership of the article.

3. Save to Arweave

We will sponsor all your transactions, so you don't need to have an Arweave account or anything. Just one click and a couple of seconds are all you need!

4. Check your data on

A few seconds later, you will be able to see your data saved on as a JSON metadata file. It is saved on the blockchain, thus permanent!
You can also Save New Edition to Arweave, if you update your article. But please don't abuse it and carefully review each time you need to update your data permanently.
Link to Arweave Article is where you can see your Arweave data directly parsed without any cache on our central server, which looks a bit different from your article page on ASTΞROIÐ, because our central server caches lots of metadata associated with the article to make the UX better.
But these pages are the proofs that your permanent data can be accessed from anywhere since it's not on our central server but on the Arweave blockchain.

Tokenizing Articles as NFT

1. Tokenize article

Once you stored your article on Arweave, go on to NFT tab, and choose Protocol Fee Rate for Tips between 0.5% and 20%, then Tokenize Article. This will require yet another EIP-712 signature to bind Arweave data with NFT.
The Protocol Fee Rate for Tips is how much you want to contribute to the ASTΞROIÐ protocol. The Fee will be deducted from the tips you receive, but in return, your supporters will get IVP (Investor Voting Power), and you will get PVP (Player Voting Power), which are the same amount as the fee. These IPV and PVP are the core concept of ASTΞROIÐ tokenomics, which I will explain later.
Basically, if you set the fee rate higher, you are likely to get more tips since you yourself, and your supporters want to get more IVP and PVP.
For example, if you set the fee rate 20%, and someone tips you 100 ASTR, you get 80 ASTR and 20 PVP, the supporter gets 20 IVP, and the protocol treasury gets 20 ASTR from this transaction as the fee, which will be staked at Astar Dapp Staking to generate further rewards for content creators.

2. Check your NFT on TofuNFT

Once you tokenize your article, you can check your NFT on TofuNFT market. You might need to go to your collection page and let TofuNFT find and cache your NFT first.
Now your article is on the ASTΞROIÐ protocol too, where you can get tips and rewards from the protocol.