Distribution Schedule

Emission Control

The ROID emission into circulation will be auto-controlled using the bezier curve below. This is to semi-guarantee the price floor of the token by the protocol.
The more the total value of the treasury tokens is, the more ROID the protocol will emit for creator rewards. The price floor will gradually increase until it reaches $1, and after that, the ROID token will be a USD soft pegged stablecoin. The highlighted range is where we aim for the IDO price to be in.

Distribution Schedule

Initial Giveaway - Mid April - Mid June 2022

To bootstrap the community building, we will conduct an initial giveaway campaign, which will distribute 500,000 $ROID in 2 months. After the campaign period, the protocol will start enforcing the 1 $ROID posting fee. So to be able to post to ASTΞROIÐ and receive creator rewards for your articles, you will need to participate in the campaign to obtain $ROID. Since $ROID will be constantly collected by the community fund and removed from circulation.

Project Listings - Early July 2022

The way the Asteroid protocol works is that the creator rewards will first be allocated to projects (topics), then the allocated rewards will be further distributed to articles on the topic. We will start listing projects which have been approved for Astar Builders Program. Creators will be able to write articles about these projects and receive $ROID as rewards for their content.

Inflationary Rewards - Mid July 2022

The core source of the creator rewards will be Astar Dapp Staking, but before the IDO, we can expect to generate only a small amount from the Dapp Staking. So to gradually scale the distribution towards the IDO, the community fund will give away $ROID token at a certain rate (TBA). Once the IDO is conducted, $ROID will be put into deflationary mode and only supplementarily emitted when the amount of the Dapp Staking reward is lower than a certain value set by the protocol to keep high incentives for posting articles.

Staking Rewards - Mid July 2022

ROID holders will be able to earn staking yields by staking ROID on listed projects. The amounts of ROID token staked for each project will affect the budget allocation votings. The more ROID is staked, the more creator rewards allocated to the staked project will be. This staking utility of the ROID token will lower the selling pressure.

Astar Dapp Staking Integration - Mid July 2022

ASTΞROIÐ has already been approved for Astar Builders Program, which means we are eligible to be listed on Astar Dapp Staking. We will directory integrate Dapp Staking into the protocol and start distributing the $ASTR rewards to creators. At this point, there will be dual rewards in $ASTR and $ROID.

Auction IDO - TBA

When the time comes, we will conduct an IDO for the maximum distribution of 15,000,000 $ROID. The sale price will be determined by the bezier curve. It is a group auction where the final sale price is determined by the total IDO sales. After the IDO, 50% of the sales will be staked on Astar Dapp Staking to generate sustainable rewards for creators. Another 30% of the sales will be provided as liquidity to a DEX of our choice. The initial DEX price after the IDO will be set twice as high as the price. floor