$ROID Allocation

Token Stats

Name: Asteroid
Ticker: $ROID
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000
Decimal: 18
Contract Address(Astar Network): 0xc795831EAb8BE2226596C68cFDe8fa06bD5aFcB3


Community Growth ( 20% )

20% will be used for the community fund. The community fund adjusts the circulation by collecting the posting fees and granting creator rewards. The amount of the creator rewards is auto-controlled by the total value of treasury collateral tokens using a bezier curve.

Team ( 20% )

20% will be assigned to the core team members and future employees as incentives for commitment.

Investors ( 15% )

15% will be kept for potential investors to bootstrap the project development.

IDO ( 15% )

15% will be sold in the IDO planned in Q3, 2022. After the IDO, 30% of the sales will go to DEX liquidity, another 50% will be staked on Astar Dapp Staking to generate creator rewards, and the last 20% will be allocated to the team for development.

Liquidity ( 10% )

10% will be kept to provide liquidity for various exchanges, including both DEXes and CEXes. If the IDO is sold out, 5% will be provided as initial liquidity to a DEX of our choice (TBA) for $ROID / $ASTR pair.

Treasury ( 10% )

10% will be put aside for future use. The community will decide what to do with it by voting.

Marketing ( 5% )

5% will be used for marketing, such as the initial giveaway and exchange listings. The initial giveaway is necessary to effectively bootstrap the creator economy as the protocol requires creators to pay a small fee in $ROID when posting articles. The variable posting fee acting as GAS is the key to sustaining the optimal balance of the ASTΞROIÐ ecosystem.

Early Contributors ( 5% )

5% will be distributed to the early contributors and advisors. ASTΞROIÐ has been in development for over a year now, and there have been many backers, devs, and various contributors to push the project to this point.